Two Way Radio Hire for Events

Two Way Radio HireCommunications at any event are key not only for organising and deploying staff and volunteers but for dealing with emergency situations or summing assistance, where there it is medical or security issue. We are based in Weymouth Dorset and can provide our services easily throughout Dorset, Hampshire, Devon and Somerset.

High Powered Hand Held Two Way Radios

Two Way Radio HireWe can provide UK Licensed 4W radios for any event from just a few handhelds to sets of 40 handhelds, including earpieces, spare batteries and battery chargers.


For events that operate over a wider area we can provide a repeater system that widens the area of coverage for the handheld radios. This is particularly suitable where the area covered by an event may have hills and low lying areas, or if it is in a built up area with lots of buildings . These sorts of areas usually cause issues for communications when it is just between handheld radios.

Repeater for Two Way Radio HireThis is often a good option on larger events such as carnivals, sporting events or running events such as marathons. For these events the repeater will be placed on the highest possible point. The repeater consists of a telescopic mast, two aerials, a repeater unit and power supply and when placed on a high point this will ensure the best coverage possible.

For smaller events such as school or church fetes, street fayres or concerts where everyone who needs to communicate is not spread out or the geography or structures will not interfere with the radio signal a repeater will not be necessary. We can advise whether you will require a repeater for effective communications at your event if requested.

Radio Operator

For large events where there are lots of staff or volunteers to control or the need to coordinate services such as first aid, fire or security response, we can provide an experienced radio operator to work with you and manage the radio communications with your team.

Radio Technician

Should the communication be key at your event we can provide an onsite technician for the duration of your event to deal with any technical issues with the communications system.

Please contact us at or use the contact form, to discuss your requirements, get advice and obtain a competitive quote.

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